Recipe-Low Calorie, Delicious, French Toast

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A few things you may not know about me are 1- If a recipe isn’t easy, I won’t make it.  2- I refuse to sacrifice taste just to hit my macros.  3- You won’t find me making weird recipes like protein pancakes, 1 carb waffles etc.. 4- I eat normal food that I can buy from the grocery store that is simple. (see 1 &2) 5- I am such a convenience person so I really won’t go out of my way to spend a lot of time on food.

My true hope and desire for this blog is to show you that you can be successful and lose weight while eating normal foods you can buy from the store. You don’t have to make nasty protein pancakes, protein bread or healthy mug cake that tastes like crap.  If that was the case, I would’ve failed a long time ago. Like I said, I am a convenience person and I like my meals to be simple and quick and still taste delicious.  I have tried all of the protein pancakes, bread and healthy mug cake etc… and they were all disgusting to me and I ended up just wasting a bunch of food and money.  So anytime I post a recipe on here, it will fall within my 3 requirements…convenient, easy and delicious.

I have been craving French Toast lately and came up with this version that tastes exactly like normal French Toast.  It is low calorie and completely satisfying!  Each Serving has only 85 calories including syrup and whipped cream!  You seriously can’t beat that! And even my kids like it!

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