Leg Day Workout for Killer Legs!

gym leg day workout

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I love this leg routine!  I usually stick with the same routine for about 6 weeks before changing it up.  The reason I do that is so that I can see the strength gains and progress I am making.  If I’m changing up my routine in the gym every time, I am never going to know if I’m getting stronger or making any progress with my lifts.  I also make sure I track every workout with the Strong workout tracker app and it really pushes me to go a little bit heavier or do another rep or two more than last time.

The great thing about working out with weights is you can go as heavy or light as you want.  If you’re brand new to the gym, start doing what you can do as far as the weight goes, track your workout and work on building your strength over time.  Don’t go in and try to lift heavy at first or you’re more likely to get an injury.  Go and do what you reasonably can and get your form down before increasing the weight. Form is so so important!  Don’t rush.  You want your lifts to be slow and controlled. This will also help you to prevent injury.

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