Why I Don’t Count Macros on Vacation

Why I don't count macros on vacation

I am on vacation in Las Vegas right now with my husband.  He’s here for work so I have some time alone and figured it was a great time to write a blog post!  It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been able to get a new post out because….life, so why not now when I have some free time!

Typically when I go on vacation, I don’t track my food.  I have several reasons for this and I am going to explain why I’ve made this decision. This decision to not track food on vacation is a personal one and if you feel like it’s in your best interest to track your food while traveling, by all means do it!  This is just my personal opinion and what I know works best for me.

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10 Tips For Sticking to Your Diet While on Vacation

10 tips for sticking to your diet while on vacation

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We decided about about 2 weeks ago that we wanted to go on a vacation soon. We love planning spur of the moment vacations and this time is no exception. We are leaving this Sunday for San Diego for 5 days and I can’t wait!  I absolutely LOVE to travel!

However, sometimes it’s tricky to stay on track while traveling.  You don’t have your own kitchen and food and you’re forced to eat out almost every meal.  There are several options you can follow while traveling, you just need to figure out what will work best for you!

  • You can track your macros perfectly (or at least the best you can)
  • Loosely track but be ok with the fact that you may go over a little bit
  • Be mindful of what you’re eating and make good choices but don’t track at all
  • Have a free for all and eat whatever you want.

There is no wrong way however, if you follow the free for all, you might have a harder time getting back on track after the vacation is over and the possibility of gaining weight is pretty high. I am going with the third option of being mindful and making good choices but not really tracking what I eat.  I will still try to get in a lot of protein and drink lots of water.  I want to enjoy my vacation since they don’t come around often enough, but I also don’t want to feel like complete crap the entire time.

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