A Few of my Favorite Things-Gym Edition

My Favorite things- gym edition

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Here is a list of a few of my favorite things that I use at the gym that I absolutely cannot live without!

Before Workout-

  • Quest Bars-I grab one of these on my way out of the door and they are perfect to eat on the way to the gym AND give me plenty of energy for my workout!
  • L-Carnintine- This is a great amino acid that helps boost metabolism.  I take 2 before my workout every day.  If you prefer liquid, I have tried this kind before and liked it too!  You can take it with food or on an empty stomach if you prefer to train fasted.

Gym Gear

  • Apple Watch-I love my apple watch and can’t live without it!  I know the calories are not 100% accurate, but it helps me set a goal and stick to a certain calorie burn during my workouts or I’ll make a goal to workout for a specific amount of time.  It really helps me to stay on track and try to do better than I did yesterday.
  • Senso Bluetooth Headphones-My family bought me bluetooth headphones for mothers day and I love them!  I don’t have to worry about an arm band or some other way to carry my phone and it also makes it easier if I want to take a video of myself doing a particular exercise to check my form. The sound is great and they don’t cost an arm and a leg.  I highly recommend these!
  • Iphone 6-I love my iPhone and it’s a must have to pair with your apple watch! I have the 64gb that is the best decision I ever made.  I take a lot of pictures and videos and have not even come close to filling up the space on my phone.
  • Adidas Bag-I just have this simple drawstring bag to take my stuff with me to the gym.  I don’t take a lot with me (headphones, water, keys and phone) so this is the perfect size for me.


Workout Clothes

  • Tesla Workout Leggings-I have raved about these before!  Click here to read my review. These are hands down, some of the best workout pants I have found and so reasonable priced!
  • Workout Tanks-  I love these tank tops I found on Amazon.  They are light weight, reasonably priced and cute!
  • Under Armour Shoes- These are the shoes I wear. They are super comfortable and versatile for whatever workout I am doing.  I have bad feet and have a hard time finding shoes that feel good. These have never once hurt my feet and I have ran, biked, walked and done the elliptical and stair stepper in them.
  • Converse- Converse are great for leg day!  They have a flat sole which you really need for squatting and deadlifting.


    • Spotify Music-I have the premium version of Spotify and it’s about $15 for my entire family to use.  To me it’s well worth it because we were easily spending more than that on music on iTunes.  And you can make playlists and it’s super easy.
    • Strong Workout App-I’ve mentioned this app in previous posts.  I love this app because I can track my workouts and it helps me see what I did last time and how I can improve either volume or weight at the gym.

Post Workout

  • Ninja- This little machine is AMAZING!  I blend up my premier protein and PB Fit with some ice and it tastes like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie.  And it takes 2 seconds!
  • Blender Bottle- If I’m feeling lazy or am in a rush, I will use a blender bottle for my post-workout protein shake instead of the Ninja and it’s great for on the go!
  • Premier Protein-My favorite protein shake!  I buy the premixed ones.  I have heard the powder isn’t very good.  I don’t recommend buying this or the Pb Fit on Amazon though.  It is SO much cheaper at Sams Club or Costco 🙂
  • Pb Fit-I mix this with my chocolate Premier Protein shake everyday and it is AMAZING!!
  • Glutamine-After the gym I mix glutamine, creatine and bcaa’s in a blender bottle and drink it.  Glutamine is great for recovery and for helping you to not feel as sore after your workout.
  • Creatine-Creatine is used for increasing muscles size and strength and helps boost performance in the gym.
  • BPI Sports Best BCAA’s- BCAA stands for branch chain amino acid.  BCAA’s are made up of 3 essential amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine.  Our bodies don’t make these amino acids so you have to get them through food.  Technically if you are eating enough protein you don’t need bcaas and there is a lot of debate out there about whether they’re necessary or not. .  I do, however still take them because I feel like I have more energy when I do, I recover better and I really like the taste so it helps me to drink more water.
  • Digestive Enzymes  & PB8 Probiotics- I take these on a regular if not daily basis.  They really help keep my stomach feeling good and help with digestion.  Whenever we go on vacation or my eating schedule is just off, my stomach just gets in knots and it’s very uncomfortable for a few days.  I took both digestive enzymes and the probiotics last time we went out of town and didn’t have an issue at all even though we were eating so crappy!

These are my must haves that I use every single day!  I would love to know if you have anything you can’t live without in the gym!

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