New Quest Bar Flavor Announcement

quest's newest flavor- birthday cake

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I am SO excited to team up with Quest Nutrition to announce their newest protein bar flavor!

When a box from Quest showed up on my doorstep I was absolutely thrilled!  And when I found out what was in it, I was so excited I threw a party!

Quest Birthday Cake

Quest Birthday Cake

Quest Birthday Cake


Quest Birthday Cake

And you guys….they are AS GOOD as they sound!   I am sure they’re going to be in high demand so click on the link below to order yours now!







Why I Don’t Count Macros on Vacation

Why I don't count macros on vacation

I am on vacation in Las Vegas right now with my husband.  He’s here for work so I have some time alone and figured it was a great time to write a blog post!  It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been able to get a new post out because….life, so why not now when I have some free time!

Typically when I go on vacation, I don’t track my food.  I have several reasons for this and I am going to explain why I’ve made this decision. This decision to not track food on vacation is a personal one and if you feel like it’s in your best interest to track your food while traveling, by all means do it!  This is just my personal opinion and what I know works best for me.

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How to Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus

How to overcome weight loss plateaus

Weight loss plateaus can be so frustrating! Before I found flexible dieting, I would diet until I hit a plateau, then quit because “it wasn’t working”. Or I would diet for 2 weeks then give up when I didn’t see any results. Let me tell you something friends, 2 WEEKS IS NOT ENOUGH TIME TO SEE RESULTS! I wish I could scream it from the rooftops! I get so frustrated with my past self sometimes, for not just sticking to it then! Ok, rant over.

So back to plateaus… The funny thing about people is that they rely 100% on the scale to determine if they’re making progress. My former self included. I have something to tell you. Since last December, I have gained 6 pounds! But the thing is, my clothes still fit the same, I still look them same (ok, a little different because some of those 6 pounds are muscle) and my measurements are close to the same. When you eat to put on muscle you also put on some fat but that’s a different story for a different day.

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31 Day Water Challenge

30 day water challenge

For the month of October, I am doing a 31 day water challenge.  The goal is to drink 100oz. of water every day for the entire month of October.  I have put together a chart for you to use to keep track of the days you get all of your water in! Water is so amazing for you and if you want to read all of the incredible benefits of drinking enough water, go check out this blog post I wrote!

And if you hop on over to my private Facebook group and participate in the challenge, you’ll have the chance to win an Rtic tumbler!  To join the Facebook group, sign up for my email list in the side bar and you’ll receive the link to the group! ————>

It’s going to be so much fun and I hope to see you there!


Quest Protein Bar Review

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I will admit it, when I first tried Quest Bars I literally could not stand them!  I gagged the second they touched my lips.  I tried to heat them up, put some pb2 on them or just straight choke them down. Everyone constantly raved about them and I just didn’t see what all the fuss was about.   I am a big believer in the fact that if you don’t like something (a specific food, exercise etc..) if you continue to do it, you’ll eventually like it….. or at least not hate it as much. I have always had a hard time hitting my fiber goal so in an attempt to get more fiber into my diet, I looked around to see what I could eat to help with my fiber.  Alas, I found out that Quest Bars have 14-16g of  fiber each and knew I needed to give them another chance.  A friend told me that the s’more ones were great so I decided to start there and give it a shot.

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3 Ingredient Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE this time of year!  I live for fall and everything that goes with it which means #pumpkineverything (yes, I know hashtags don’t work on blogs 🙂 ) But seriously, the cooler weather, the holidays right around the corner, the kids back in school…awwww….it’s a dream!

Today I want to tell you about my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  If you read my post about how to make easy french toast you know that my recipes require 5 things, 1-It’s easy, 2- It’s delicious, 3- It’s not weird, 4-It’s normal food that I can buy from the store and 5- It’s convenient.  These cookies definitely fit all of these requirements.

These are hands down the easiest and most delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies you will ever try!  I love making these in the fall and stock up on the ingredients so I never run out. AND they are only 78 calories per cookie!  You seriously cannot beat that!

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Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating Tips

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard.  It does take preparation but once you get that down, it super easy.  For the most part, I eat basically the same things every day and that makes my life easy!  I know what I need and what I like and it simplifies it.  I am such a convenience person, so if it’s not easy, I won’t do it.  So trust me, if I can make this work for me, so can you!  And to help you even more, I’ve put together a list of some healthy eating tips that you can start incorporating into your daily life to make it a little easier.

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17 Amazing Things That Happen When You Start Eating Healthy

17 Amazing things that happen to your body when you diet

The last blog post I did I talked about some of the hard things about dieting. (Click here to read post) But I think we can all agree that as hard as dieting can be, the good far out weighs the bad!

The point of this post today is to tell you all of the amazing things that happen to your body when you start taking care of yourself and lose unwanted fat!  Nutrition is almost everything when it comes to weight loss.  I am sure you’ve heard the term “you can’t out exercise a bad diet.”  It’s SO true!

Not only is nutrition important for weight loss, it’s also important for so many aspects of our lives..  we are in fact, what we eat, and if we eat noting but junk food, you’re going to feel like junk.  Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and place for any kind of food in your life but everything in moderation.  I eat 90% whole nutritious food and about 10% not so much.  If I ate potato chips and chocolate all day, there would be no way I would hit my protein goals and stay within my carb and fat goals. I would feel terrible and tired and my workouts would be awful.  So make sure you are making good decisions and hitting your macros so you can fit in that cookie or chips if you want!

Here is a list of all of the AMAZING things you will see happen to your body when you start to eat more nutritious food and drop that unwanted body fat!

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14 Ugly Truths No One Told You About Dieting

14 ugly truths no one tells you about dieting

You are all pumped up ready to go and change your life!  I get it.  I’ve been there! And it’s an amazing feeling!  You think “I’ve got this!  It’s going to be easy! I am READY to change my life this time!”  But there are some of the ugly truths no one has ever told you about dieting.  Flexible dieting even.  It can be downright hard and discouraging at times. But is it worth it?  HECK YES it is!

I want you to be prepared so when the roadblocks come along, you are ready to conquer them!  Anything worth doing in life is not going to be easy and losing (and maintaining) weight is no exception.  Yes, these things might be frustrating and hard but it is SO SO worth it!  I promise!

So here are the 12 ugly truths no one has ever told you about dieting.

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How to Eat Out While Tracking Macros- Zupas

eating out at zupas

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When tracking macros, you don’t have to be afraid to eat out!  You just have to be educated and plan in advance. One of the best things about iifym/flexible dieting, is that you can still enjoy the foods you love and for most people, (myself included) that means eating out!   There are so many macro friendly restaurants you can eat at.  Of course, there are some places where it will be a little bit trickier to find something that works without blowing your whole day, but I truly believe there is something that you can order at pretty much every restaurant and still stay on track. That’s not to say you can’t go out and have a “treat” meal every now and again, but, you do have options if it’s not a treat meal time!

Today we are going to break down the menu of another one of my favorites, Zupas.  I will help you decide what you should and shouldn’t order to help you stay within your macros! The best choice(s) out of each group will be in bold. 

I haven’t eaten at Zupas in quite a while because I have been unsure of what to eat there, so this post is as much for me as it is for you.

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