Benefits of drinking water

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  1. Autumn Murray

    I didn’t know some of these benefits for drinking water. Good to know! thanks for sharing.

  2. Kara

    This has some great info that EVERYONE should read!

  3. Kara

    A bunch of great info that EVERYONE should read!

  4. Jennifer S

    I had no idea that concentration and circulation were affected by water intake. I am so much more motivated to drink more. I know I don’t drink enough water, especially during the summer when I am sweating so much more.

    I’m also going to encourage my daughter to drink more. She has been suffering from terrible brain-fog and headaches this summer. It never occurred to me that it could be from dehydration. Thank you so much for this informative article! I am so grateful for this information!

    1. thatmacrolife

      Crazy all of the benefits right!?! My daughter also suffers from headaches if she doesn’t drink enough. She gets lethargic and really red faced. It’s scary!

  5. Debra

    Such great info and all so true! I love water! It is pretty much all I drink!

  6. Lisa

    I need to go grab a glass of water right now! My brain needs it! 🙂

    1. thatmacrolife

      So true! Crazy all of the benefits!

  7. Joanne

    This is great information. I struggle getting enough water in each day, but it really is so important!

    1. thatmacrolife

      I have days where I do awesome and drink plenty and days where I get so busy and forget. I definitely feel a difference when I don’t drink enough.

  8. kiersten

    These are some great tips and great reminders! It can be tough to remember to get enough water, but so important!

    1. thatmacrolife

      It is tough! Especially with a busy life and a million other things on your mind!

  9. Traci | The Petite Chef

    Drinking enough water is so important! I think a lot of us easily forget all of the very real health benefits water has. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lori

    I have definitely had the brain fog that goes with forgetting to drink water during a work day!

  11. Stacey

    I am so bad about drinking water,especially during school. I’m a teacher, and it just gets put on the backburner during the day. I’m going to try setting an alarm on my phone this year to remind me to sip. My students will probably think I’m crazy!

    1. thatmacrolife

      You could make it a fun classroom challenge! Every hour have a timer go off and have your whole class drink some water.

  12. Courtney

    I need this to be a goal as well- I was doing really well at drinking nothing but water, but then I got out of the habit and am struggling to get back into it- even knowing all these benefits!

  13. kristin | life of stones

    I definitely get dehydration headaches…a tall glass of water usually fixes me right up 🙂

    1. thatmacrolife

      It’s so true! My daughter gets them bad too.

  14. Melissa

    This is so true! I kicked off 2017 with focusing on my health. It was quite shocking how simply increasing my water intake changed so many things about my body! Water is so good for our mind, body and souls 🙂

  15. Jennifer

    Great reminder. I often drink way too much coffee and not enough water.. I wonder if that is the problem with my 9 year old’s mood as well? Hmm.. lol

  16. Kourtney Elliott

    I work really hard to drink enough water every day and to keep up on my kids too! It’s hard with them, for some reason. This was a great post with lots of helpful tips. Maybe I should try letting them pick out their own cool bottle to keep nearby throughout their day! Thanks for sharing this info! Crazy how every part of our body needs water to operate properly.

    1. thatmacrolife

      That’s a great idea for your kids! Literally every function of our body relies on water in some way!

  17. Sheree

    Great information! I agree that many people don’t drink enough water. You provided many really good reasons why it’s so important. Thanks for this great post!

    1. thatmacrolife

      Thank you!! Most people don’t drink enough and they also don’t know the benefits they’re missing out on.

  18. Robin

    This is something I really need to work on. I feel so much better when I am drinking lots of water, but then get off track and don’t start back up. Good reminders.

    1. thatmacrolife

      I do the same! Life gets busy and I forget 🙁

  19. Celeste

    YES!! There are so many amazing benefits of drinking water. We really underestimate it but it’s so important. Now I need to go get another glass 🙂

  20. Michelle kunkel

    I used to struggle with getting water, but now I use those huge insulated cups, and add a tiny bit of pink lemonade flavoring!

  21. Shelanda

    I’ve increased my water consumption. I’m even doing infused water. Right now I’m drinking mango and ginger. I’ve read it supposed to be a metabolism booster.

    1. thatmacrolife

      That sounds amazing!! Thanks for the idea!

  22. Carmen

    Water is SO important! Thanks for the reminder!

  23. Gina

    What an awesome read and your site looks great – I just subscribed!

  24. lisa

    I wish I could find a way to remember to drink all the water that I need to drink. Great tips!

    1. thatmacrolife

      It really is hard! The thing that’s worked best for me is having a bottle with me at all times! And one big enough that I don’t have to refill in constantly

  25. Jacqueline Marie

    I started trying to drink more water a few years ago and it seems I go in spurts of when I drink more and when I don’t. There are so many benefits to drinking water tho, like you mentioned! Great article with lots of info.

    1. thatmacrolife

      I do the same. It can be so hard to remember sometimes!

  26. Lisa

    Lots of great information here. This would be good to share with a health class at my school!

    1. thatmacrolife

      Thank you!! Great idea!! Kids definitely need to know how important it is 🙂

  27. Whitney Thill

    Love this and love the macro life

    1. thatmacrolife

      YAY! Me too!! Thank you!! 🙂

  28. Kamie Berry

    I know water is good for me, but I hate it so much. I guess I’ll try flavoring because it seems like I need more based on your post.

    1. thatmacrolife

      Try adding in some flavoring or fruit and remember to think about all of the benefits when you’re drinking it 🙂

  29. Rachel

    I need to show this to my daughter who doesn’t like water because it has no taste. It’s amazing just how good it is for you.

    1. thatmacrolife

      I think that’s the struggle for a lot of people. Try some flavorings. That might help her 🙂

  30. Emily

    I need to drink more water. Thanks for reminding me of all the benefits of adequate water intake.

  31. Kim

    Thank you for the reminder to drink water, as I sit at my desk at work! 😊 I really do feel like it gives me more energy but I didnt realize it did so many other things!

    1. thatmacrolife

      I does give me more energy too! I think the disease and illness prevention alone is enough to get me to drink more 🙂

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