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Hi!  I am so happy you stopped by!  My name is Amanda Abel and I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls and wife to 1 amazing husband!  I have always been “into” health and fitness and have tried every diet under the sun and NOTHING. EVER. WORKED!  I tried the no sugar diet.  That lasted a week and I felt awful! I tried the low carb diet.  That lasted about 2 weeks until I binged on gummy bears and decided I couldn’t live like that.  I tried the clean eating diet.  That lasted a little longer but I never saw results. Mainly because I was super diligent Monday-Thursday, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday I would have a free for all, eating whatever I wanted and undoing all of my progress from the week if not more.  I was always taking one step forward and 2 steps back. I trained for and ran 6 half marathons and one Ragnar, eating whatever I wanted and thought that amount of exercise alone would be enough.  I actually gained weight!

I have always loved lifting weights and would go to the gym and lift pretty regularly but I wasn’t fueling my body properly and never saw any changes.  Also I was pretty wishy washy about my gym time.  There were lots of weeks I would miss completely or go for 20 minutes so I could say I did.  My philosophy was always, work hard”ish” for 2 weeks, see no results, give up and just “accept” myself the way I was.  Don’t get me wrong, I honestly did get to a point of loving myself no matter what I looked like and that was a great place to be, but deep down I just wanted to look good and feel good.

In October 2015 we went on an amazing vacation to Hawaii.  I had the time of my life but I was so self conscious about my weight and felt like a stuffed burrito in everything I wore.  I was miserable!  I vowed after that vacation that THIS WAS going to be the time that I actually stuck with a “diet” for longer than 2 weeks and I was going to get the body I wanted no matter how long it took. I let myself get through the holidays eating like crap but come the New Year, I was doing it!

January 4, 2016 was the day.  The kids went back to school, husband went back to work AND it was a Monday!  Monday’s are ALWAYS great days to start diets 😉 I started out by counting calories.  I was eating 1300 calories a day, eating whatever I wanted within those calories, but also tried to make  the healthiest choices I could.  I stuck to my calories PERFECTLY, even on the weekends 🙂  I was going to the gym 5-6 times a week and pushing myself hard in my workouts.  Somedays I would even work out 2 times a day!  I was DETERMINED and when I am determined to do something, nothing can stop me!  And guess what??  The weight FINALLY started coming off!  The more weight/inches I lost, the more determined I became.  I had complete tunnel vision and nothing was going to keep me from my goals.  I lost 10 pounds between January-April.  One of the biggest changes during that time was the mental shift I felt.  It was like a light bulb had been turned on and I could see clearly everything I had done wrong in the past and I had 100% focus to stay on this track and never waver.

I was following  a lot of fitness people on Instagram and started to hear about IIFYM/Macro Tracking/Flexible Dieting.  I wanted to give it a try but was nervous and confused.  I was so completely confused about how to do it so I started doing some research.  I decided I would start tracking my macros in May and give myself a few weeks to learn everything I could about it first.  May came and I was ready!  I knew just enough to get started.  For the first few weeks, I just stayed within my calories but would watch my macro numbers to get the hang of it.  It was a lot of trial and error about what I could and could not eat.  But I really didn’t stress myself out about it too much.  After a few weeks I could really start making decisions about what fit in my macros and what didn’t.  It became easier and easier over time.  Between May 2016-March 2017, I have only lost 4 more pounds but I have seen HUGE changes in my body!  Weight isn’t everything!

I am SO proud of myself in so many ways!  This is a lifestyle change and something I can and will stick with for life. Will I have days/weeks that I don’t track? Definitely!  Will I mess up here and there?  I have and I will.  Do I eat dessert EVERY SINGLE DAY?  You betcha!  Should that make me give up and think my “diet” isn’t working?  NO WAY!  I LOVE IIFYM and I want to help as many people as I can find this lifestyle and help change some lives!



Here is my one year progress picture!


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