My Macro Story

Before and After Picture

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Hi!  I am so happy you stopped by!  My name is Amanda Abel and I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls and wife to 1 amazing husband!  I have always been “into” health and fitness and have tried every diet under the sun and NOTHING. EVER. WORKED!  I tried the no sugar diet.  That lasted a week and I felt awful! I tried the low carb diet.  That lasted about 2 weeks until I binged on gummy bears and decided I couldn’t live like that.  I tried the clean eating diet.  That lasted a little longer but I never saw results. Mainly because I was super diligent Monday-Thursday, then Friday, Saturday and Sunday I would have a free for all, eating whatever I wanted and undoing all of my progress from the week if not more.  I was always taking one step forward and 2 steps back. I trained for and ran 6 half marathons and one Ragnar, eating whatever I wanted and thought that amount of exercise alone would be enough.  I actually gained weight!

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